Anabolic Steroids Trenbolone Base for Muscle Building

Quick Details:
Other name: Tren base
CAS: 10161-33-8
Molecular formula: C18H22O2
Molecular weight: 270.37
Assay: 99.9%
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Product Details

Anabolic Steroids Trenbolone Base For Muscle Building
Quick Details:
Other name: Tren base
CAS: 10161-33-8
Molecular formula: C18H22O2
Molecular weight: 270.37
Assay: 99.9%
Appearance: Light yellow crystal powder.
Trenbolones Base Applications:
Trenbolones Base is widely consumed amongst bodybuilders and weightlifters for bulking and/or cutting. It provides rapid muscle gains, remarkable power and so much more. It is especially helpful for those who desire elite physical conditioning and fast healing in between workouts/lifts.
Trenbolones Base empowers the body's muscle tissue to hold onto nitrogen, which functions as the foundation for the creation of protein. Extra protein and nitrogen sets the stage for massive muscle gains along with the rapid burning of fat.
Trenbolones Base even ramps up the body's production of red blood cells as it sends additional oxygen to the muscles. As a result, bodybuilders and weightlifters experience considerably more power and strength during their lifting sessions. The best part about Trenbolones Base is the fact that most gains are all muscle with little water retention. You'll achieve the hard and toned aesthetic that you've always wanted if you perform your Trenbolones Acetate injection at the proper time with suitable supplements.
Trenbolone Base Recommended Dosage:
A trenbolones base dosage will depend on how the user reacts to the drug. Some individuals can only take 35 mg everyday but Masteronothers can even take 150 mg, while managing to starve off extreme side effects. New users are advised to start with low doses initially and see their reaction to the compound. Many people start with 35 mg of the drug. This level is appropriate for those who are highly susceptible to side effects from trenbolones. For an effective cycle the individual can inject another anabolic steroid like Masteron.
A trenbolones base steroid cycle gives better effects when it is stacked with another anabolic steroid such as testosterone, anadrol or dianabol. Trenbolones-only steroid cycles give limited gains. For example, an individual can stack 50 mg of trenbolone acetate with 50 mg of Dianabol. This will give a much better affect than 100 mg of trenbolones or 100 mg of dianabol.
Trenbolone Base COA:

Product name

Trenbolones Base


White or Almost White Crystalline Powder

White Powder




Loss On Drying



Melting Point



Ignition Residue



Trenbolone Base Product Description:
Anabolic Steroid Hormones Trenbolone Base 99.9% Muscle Building Steroids Powder
Trenbolone Base (C18H2202), often referred to as "Tren", is one of the most popular and powerful steroids available to athletes and bodybuilders today. Although it is potent, bodybuilders can use it safely at the right doses and with the right supplements. It is incredibly versatile, too, as it fits into any number of cycles for cutting or bulking, and it pairs well with many other compounds. There is nothing quite like the Trenbolones steroid in terms of performance enhancement.
Buy-Trenbolones Trenbolones Profile:

What Is Trenbolone Base ?
Today's Trenbolones Base for sale is in high demand among experienced bodybuilders who want to get the most from every single workout. While it possesses many of the same traits and characteristics as other anabolic steroids - muscle growth, strength, stamina - it offers other characteristics that are unique to this particular compound. It is highly anabolic and only slightly androgenic, so the risk of side effects is acceptable when compared to the positive Trenbolones effects. In short, Trenbolones does all of the following:
Trenbolone Base Functions:
Enhances protein synthesis and helps the muscles retain nitrogen, which is a vital component of muscle tissue
Improves strength
Improves stamina for prolonged and more effective workouts
Reduces pain and fatigue post-workout
Promotes insulin-like growth factor 1 better than any other steroid out there; helps maintain bone, tissue, cartilage, and more
Increases red blood cell count to improve the amount of oxygen delivered to the muscles
Inhibits the production of stress hormones such as cortisol
Improves nutrient efficiency by giving the body the ability to extract more nutrients from food

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