Lyophilized Peptides Oxytocin Anti-aging Hormone

Product Name: Oxytocin
CAS: 50-56-6
MF: C43H66N12O12S2
MW: 1007.19
EINECS: 200-048-4
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    Lyophilized Peptides Oxytocin CAS 50-56-6 Anti-aging Hormone vials

    Product Name: Oxytocin
    CAS: 50-56-6
    MF: C43H66N12O12S2
    MW: 1007.19
    EINECS: 200-048-4

    What is oxytocin, and what does it do?

    Oxytocin is a hormone that is made in the brain, in the hypothalamus, and it is transported to, and secreted by, the pituitary gland, which is located at the base of the brain. Chemically it is known as a nonapeptide (a peptide containing nine amino acids), and biologically, as a neuropeptide. It acts both as a hormone and as a brain neurotransmitter. Oxytocin released during sexIn both men and women, sexual intercourse stimulates the release of oxytocin, which has a role in erection and orgasm. The reason for this is not fully understood, although in women, it has been proposed that the increased uterine motility may help sperm to reach their destination.The research to uncover oxytocin's "anxiolytic and pro-social influences, beneficial to relief, reproduction, and love" is what has led scientists to describe it as a one of the "most promising neuromodulator/neurotransmitter systems of the brain for psychotherapeutic intervention and treatment of numerous psychiatric illnesses, for example social phobia, autism, and postpartum depression.

    Oxytocin Application

    Injecting oxytocin analogs for labor induction and supporting labor in difficult childbirth situations. It has largely replaced ergot alkaloids as the main agent for increasing the uterine tone of acute postpartum hemorrhage. Oxytocin is also used in veterinary drugs to promote the birth and stimulate the release of milk.
    Ontosinan (Tractocile) is an antagonist of oxytocin receptors; the drug is registered in many countries to inhibit premature delivery between 24 and 33 weeks of gestation. It has less side effects than previously used for this purpose (Rituo Jun).

    MGF, 2mg

    PEG MGF, 2mg

    CJC-1295 DAC, 2mg

    CJC-1295, 2mg

    PT141, 10mg

    Melanotan-2, 10mg

    GHRP-2, 10mg

    GHRP-6, 10mg

    GHRP-2, 5mg

    GHRP-6, 5mg

    Ipamorelin, 2mg

    Hexarelin, 2mg

    Sermorelin, 2mg

    Oxytocin, 2mg

    TB500, 2mg

    HGH 176-191, 2mg

    Triptorelin, 2mg

    Tesamorelin, 2mg

    Gonadorelin, 2mg

    Gonadorelin, 10mg

    DSIP, 2mg

    Selank, 5mg

    BPC 157, 2mg

    Epitalon, 10mg

    Follistatin 344, 1mg

    AOD-9604, 2mg

    Deslorelin, 20mg

    IGF-1 LR3, 0.1mg

    Follistatin 315, 1mg

    Dermorphin, 10mg

    Thymosin α1 Acetate, 10mg

    ACE 031, 1mg

    GDF-8, 1mg


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